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Start An Internet Business With 7 Simple Steps
by Stephen Beck

So are you ready to take the plunge and start an internet business?  Let me show it to you right now.  This is my cannot miss formula. 

start an internet business1) Choose a profitable topic that is interesting to you. 
There are two things here. It needs to be profitable, and it needs to be interesting to you.  You would be surprised how small a niche can be and still be profitable.  Make sure that some people are interested in that niche, especiallly you.  If you have no interest in the singles' dating scene, but everybody says that is where all the money is on the internet, you are going to run out of gas before you get very far.  It is not your passion.   

2) Capture the emails of people interested in that same topic. 
What do I mean by that?  What I like to do is offer a mini-course in exchange for a first name and an email.  So I may say, the five mistakes people make when buying their first home.  Or the five mistakes people make when training their Labrador puppy.  Whatever it is, I usually offer some type of 5 part, seven part mini-course in exchange for a first name and email. 

3) Ask those people what they want. 
That is really important.  When someone gives me his first name and email, I ask him what is his biggest question about selling his home or training his Labrador puppy or whatever my niche is.  Now I know exactly what my customers want.  As people pile into your email list and pick up your mini course, they are telling you exactly what their biggest question is. How hard is it going to be to find the answers to those biggest questions?  Not very hard if you know anything about the topic.  And the questions you do not know the answers to, you can look them up on the internet.  That is real easy to do.

4) Give people what they already want.
Imagine if you had an information product that answered the exact questions that people asked.  How hard would it be to turn back around, go to those people, and say, "You know what?  I know exactly what you want to know.  I have an info product that answers the exact questions you asked me.  It will cost you $27.  How about it?  Do you want to make a trade?"  Well, yeah, that is a real easy trade for them.  And they will probably read through your e-book and think, "How did you know exactly what I wanted?"  Well, 500 of you had about the same basic 8 to 10 questions.  I just created an information product based on the questions you asked me.  Do you see how easy that is?  You do not need to reinvent the wheel.   

5) Put the whole thing on auto pilot. 
Now that you have chosen a profitable topic, collected emails, and asked people what they want, it is time to create an information product to meet that need.  Whatever they tell you they want, give it right back to them.  Then put up your sales page, collect the payment, deliver the product, refunds, recruiting promotion partners, paying promotion partners, etc.  Everything is on auto pilot, and you are free to follow your passions.  

6) Offer more to those who want more.  
Because if they loved your $27 ebook, imagine how they will really fall in love with your $270 home-study course.  Or your $2700 weekend boot camp, or whatever more there is.  You see what I am saying there. 

7) Tie every information product into monthly continuity income. 
Now, a lot of you are probably thinking, "But I am not an expert in anything."  You don't have to be an expert.  Let me ask you a question.  Do you really like learning from experts?  They're condescending.  They don't communicate very well.  And quite frankly, most of them are boring.  You don't need a PhD or an MD or any other degrees behind your name.  All you need to do is take somebody by the hand and show them exactly how you got through the problem.


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

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