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Business Start-up Courses: An Easy Source of Income
by Stephen Beck

I do not have a degree in business or marketing, but I have learned enough about how to start and run an internet business to offer business start-up courses.  And I have also learned an important principle:  offer more to those who want more. 

Let me explain.  A few years ago I offered a product about starting an online business.  It was a real simple product sold from a simple website.  I sold the product for about $47 or $57, and about 900 people bought it.  So I went back to them and asked them, "What else do you want?" 

And my customers answered.  They said, "Steve, we could really use some videos and some audios and some coaching."  So I agreed.  I went back to my office, and a month later I came out with "Secrets to Building Sites That Sell." 

business start-up coursesBusiness Start-up Courses Are in High Demand

Basically it is a home-study course on how to sell physical products on the internet.  Whatever my customers told me they wanted, I incorporated it into a little audio-video product.  And I sold about $51,000 over the first 6 days. 

Now, this really got the wheels going in my brain.  I thought, "I can make a living doing this." And then I can do whatever I want with my free time.  It was one of those eye-opening days when I realized I can make money at will. 

Business Start-up Courses Can Cover Any Topic

After that, it got pretty easy.  My wife did an ebay course, and she made over $14K in her first 20 days.  I created another course, "8 Weeks To Profits," and this was more how to sell information on the internet.  And I made $50,694 in the first 9 days of that launch.  I do not call these info products anymore.  I am from Texas, so I call them my mini oil wells.  And these mini oil wells are pumping in income into my bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Because it is very much, set it up and forget it.

Now what does this mean for you? You are probably thinking, "That is really nice for you and your wife Kerry.  I'm really happy for you.  But what does that mean for me?"  Well, imagine what you could do with a few of these little oil wells pumping in income automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Well, maybe you could spend more time with the ones you love. 

Business Start-up Courses Can Help You Get Started

All it would take is to create a product you could sell on the internet.  And you need nothing more than the information you already have in your mind.  What are you knowledgeable about.  I guarantee there is a group of people eager to hear your particular angle. 

Why not get started today?  If you need more help, watch a business start-up course that will guide you step-by-step through the process.  It is easier than you think!


Copyright Stephen Beck, 2010

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